Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Things

Sometimes when looking at art, the whole picture isn't so great, but if you look at the details you'll find something you like. Same with day to day life, sometimes it's the little things in our day that please us rather than the overall reality.

Our garden is in a bit of a state still this year, I'm having trouble getting it to all come together. I look at it, cringe and chide myself for not trying harder. Hopefully, I'll rally and find the energy to make something of it. In the meantime there is beauty in the the details.

These monarch caterpillars show up every year on our rue plant and munch away until the birds apparently munch on them. I was going to put netting over the plant this year and try and save them but was a day too late. Happily one made a cocoon and survived. Now I'm hoping we can see him emerge and take flight.

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Belle said...

For me, it is the small things too that make me happy. I like this caterpillar's markings.