Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brigid love Jane, Jane love Brigid

I found this image on the iPad today among a bunch of other images by the little one. It made me smile on my morning commute. It also made me want to turn around and just hang out with her.

 Me love you too monkey!

Monday, June 23, 2014

This is What Happens...

... when you go to the animal shelter to donate $5.00 to buy the homeless animals food. 

I would ask myself how did this happen but I know it was just a question of odds. You visit the shelter enough to look at the cats and eventually you end up surrendering your credit card instead of the dollars five and leave with  a big card board box full of cat and a goody bag with kitty toys and fish treats.

Head to the pet store where you surrender your credit card again to cover the sequined collar, fancy litter box, kitten food, litter and plenty of cat toys. Throw in a new scratching post as a consolation prize for your existing cat. Luckily you still have that five dollar bill in your pocket. 

And so Cleopatra (Cleo almost named Pineapple) Moffitt joins a long line of cats who have found their way into our home and lives. 

I feel our the first day of summer was like living in a Visa commercial. Price of adopting a kitten and supplies $ 245.00. Look on six year old daughters face when you tell her she can adopt a kitten -priceless. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

A View from the Feast

This years trip to our neighboring town's feast was squeezed in between the rains that dominated the week. Just as well, the rides were ridiculously expensive and we were having no luck gambling for baked goods and stuffed animals.

Lucky too perhaps, the Ferris Wheel was not working. I had bought the tickets and was all ready to brave the heights of the miniature wheel, but when we got on line, workers were working on the cables. It only took a few minutes of watching these low tech adjustments to steer the little over to the bouncy castles. I'll face my fears another day when the delicate workings are not laid bare.

Happily, bouncy castles and little for engines still pass muster with a six year old and there was a little money left over for an eggplant sandwich.