Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming Undone

I just finished my second summer read featuring a woman coming undone. Where'd You Go Bernadette almost got tossed aside but I'm glad I persisted. It was another train station buy and as I tried to make my way through the first chapters I was annoyed at first.

Annoyed because it wasn't exactly what I expected, annoyed because my mood was tainted by stress at work. I was turned off by the petty grievances and concerns of a fairly privileged lot of characters living under the Olympic mountains and looming giant Microsoft. Was I supposed to sympathize with their woes about fund raising for their so so private school? No, I was supposed to laugh and as things escalated and started to come undone find sympathy for an imperfect lot. Now I'm glad I hung in long enough to enjoy a memorable mud slide.

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Happy Place for the Week

This bit of manicured lawn looks like the perfect mental retreat if things get wacky this week. A perfect place to layout a blanket and take an open air nap. For the more active a perfect setting for a game of badminton or even of hide and seek. Lots of hiding spots in the gorgeous surrounding foliage.

First Day of Summer

Friday was the first day of summer. Being a hectic work day, it could have gone by unappreciated. Luckily, a few things happened which reminded me to enjoy the day even while I was rushing.

First, I looked out the back window and saw five baby deer. There is always a day when the weather really warms up that we first see the babies come out of the woods. It was not the first baby deer we saw this summer but these are our deer so it's special. The fact that there were five together and they were playing made me think of a nursery school. The mommas were nearby supervising the outing. Made my morning.

Second my little one turned to me and randomly told me she loved me. Nothing gives me the energy to go on through the craziness more than she does.

Third, I saw our fox as I was closing up shop for the evening. For some reason seeing her (a baby fox spotting confirmed our fox is female) always makes me happy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A School Year Older

I was surprised at how much bigger all of the kids looked at the end of year party for my daughter's kindergarten class. Clearly some growth spurts had occurred. They seemed to have out grown the little chairs and tables that were perfectly sized for them at the beginning of the year. They finish the year a lot bigger and truly a little older and wiser.

Suddenly the my little one who looked so young to be going off to kindergarten looks like she's ready for first grade. Sigh!

Wedding Fun

My eldest niece just got married and it was such a happy wedding. The day was sunny and gorgeous. There was a lovely garden, a three piece string ensemble, water in the background and a breeze. Add a beautiful young couple in love, friends and family and it all came together into a perfect day.

Add a photo booth to the reception and it was a lot of fun too. I love all of these pictures we took together. They reflect the love and happiness of Katie and Zack's wedding day. I look at them and smile at the joy that was captured on film.

End of School Year Busy

The transition to summer has been stressful. June seems to be filled with end of school year activities that need to be squeezed into our already busy regular schedule.

Now I'm just looking forward to a weekend with no commitments and a chance to regroup and vacuum.

The photo of this bedroom looks so simple and peaceful.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Knitting Wars

I saw the poster and thought I bet that would be a funny show. I missed the other half of the poster where PBS asks "What does it say about the state of television that you thought this was a real show?" Well the joke was on me, because I didn't know Knitting Wars was fake until I googled it to see when it was going to air.

What does it say about me, that I would rather watch middle aged knitters battle it out, than witness the Kardashians strut their ample figures and even more ample plastic surgery? Hmm, what can I say in my defense?

I knit. I like seeing people get ridiculous on TV. I would prefer to see some, more on the dumpy side women, get their hackles up over who does a neater cast on. I'm sick of watching people who have more money than they deserve rub it in to the rest of us. Yes, that includes you Housewives. Each and every one of you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A House in Japan

I found these photos a few months ago and was so inspired by the paired back aesthetic. The house is minimal without being cold.

The traditional design and materials along with the owners collection of pottery make for a cozy and personal looking home.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Happy Place for the Week: A Meadow

I'd like to be out in a meadow soaking up sunshine and listening to nature. Just sitting in grass warmed by the sun and maybe searching out some wild flowers to bring home and put in a jar. That's where my mind will wander when things get tough this week.

Books That Keep You Up at Night

I could have gotten a lot more sleep this weekend, if I hadn't impulsively bought a copy of Gone Girl on the way home on Friday.

I was disappointed that my summer Friday turned into a full day of work. I needed a diversion to clear my head of work and it worked. I've been trying to finish Blink but it has felt like a homework assignment. Not so with Gone Girl. It's a page turner. I could have read the whole book this weekend but nothing else would have gotten done. So I stayed up too late instead and made it half way through. Definitely a good summer read.

Rainy Monday Thoughts

Well at least I don't have to water the garden. That's my positive spin on a gray rainy summer Monday. Otherwise, I think I really need more vitamin D and more of the sunshine that would deliver it.

I don't need to water the garden. I don't need to water the garden. Embrace the weather.