Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deer Attack

Despite fencing we had a serious deer attack yesterday in our garden which I'm already struggling with this year. I had just planted our tomato plants and thought the fencing I had jerry rigged would be enough to hold them back. Not so.

This weekend I need to find time to continue blockading our produce and try and catch the garden back up. Lucky for the deer they are so beautiful and relatives of Bambi. Otherwise...

A Very Berry Weekend

Our plans didn't go exactly as planned for the weekend, but it all turned out well or I could say berry well. The threat of rain was persistent but berries became the theme of the weekend. Saturday we stopped by a local church for their Strawberry Festival and ate home made strawberry shortcake and had a strawberry painted on the little one's face.
We spent a lazy Sunday in our garden. Sadly our own strawberry plants got chomped by critters and are now in sad shape but hopefully on the mend.

Monday, I was off from work and had planned for us to visit a small amusement park. It ended up being closed, so we had to scramble to find a new activity worthy of my Summer Flex Day. We ended up on a farm picking strawberries. It was an unexpected turn that proved really nice.

We had a great time filling our two tiny baskets and the hayride back from the fields was long and pretty. We finished our day with a visit to Stewart's for hot dogs and then our favorite ice cream stand. Good thing we have some healthy fruit to add to our diet this week.

The little one was completely tuckered out and was happy to go to bed early. She did manage to sneak in some Thomas Carnival Capers on the computer before falling asleep. No wonder she was talking in her sleep about finding Percy in the morning. Looking forward to finding a new adventure this weekend.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recession Fun # 14: Growing Basil

When it comes to gardening, it doesn't get easier or cheaper than growing Basil. A dollar to a dollar fifty for seeds, a nice long container or miscellaneous pots, potting soil and water. You literally just need to sprinkle the seeds, add a thin layer of soil and water. Voila! You're done.

No worrying if you've planted the seeds too deep or that a squirrel is going to dig them up for a snack like sunflower seeds. Our basil pot is full of tiny plants and thriving. I'm already looking forward to pesto.

Photo from Cooking Light and check out the tasty article "Use Your Basil Bounty". I want to try the Purple Basil Lemonade.

Recession Fun: Continues

Some may say the recession is over. Magazines have certainly started featuring expensive items again. One could probably track the state of the economy, or at least our perception of the economy, based on the prices of handbags featured in women's magazines.

I, for one, am not in the market for a $1000 handbag these days and yet the prices of bags and shoes are creeping up on the glossy pages. I am determined to keep a recession state of mind when it comes to my wallet, so Recession Fun continues. Here's to good times on the cheap!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Affordable Luxuries #10: A Great Beach Towel

I have the pool on my mind these days and can't wait to stake out my space poolside. I love the sight of beach towels lined up next to each other on the sand or under an umbrella at the pool. I can't wait to set up my own little encampment in the sun.

The awesome pair of beach towels pictured are from Paul Smith. Actually not the most affordable beach towels in the world but I couldn't resist these photos.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Daydreaming

I'd love to spend an afternoon lazing around in one of these summer houses playing house or reading with my little one. Maybe a picnic lunch in tow and some cold ice tea. It's wonderful how structures like these can create a get away in your own back yard.

I'm working on a plan to create our own little backyard retreat and looking forward to the day I can post pictures here.

These amazing summer houses are by HSP Garden Buildings in Dublin Ireland if any one has the means to import one.