Monday, April 7, 2014

My Happy Place for the Week: Almalfi Coast

I keep looking at catalogues that were shot on the Almalfi Coast and find myself  wishing I could be sitting on a sun baked terrace looking out at the sea. Even though it has warmed up considerably here along the northern coast of the US, the photos of Italy's coastal towns seem so full of warmth. I just want to walk into one and smell sea air. Oh a nice filling plate of pasta would be nice too. Monday take me away.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Won't Spring

Leaning into the heat on the train and I'm thinking spring just isn't coming. It's hard to imagine warm days again although hints are in the air if not the temperature. The chipmunk has surfaced and the daffodils came up under the snow. Otherwise it's just cold and there is a big sweater pile of a chairdrobe in my room.

I'm aching for warm weather but not looking forward to the wardrobe transition. I suspect I have nothing to wear. I also hate when I find myself in warm weather clothing and the weather doesn't cooperate. I may just wear my down coat right into summer. At this rate I may need to.

Photo via

In the Basket

Time to start prepping for the Easter bunny and to decide on this years Easter eggs. The little one  already asked if we could dye the eggs this past weekend. Yikes! She's one eager little bunny. How about the the night before. Or if things go the way they usually do Easter Day.

I'm hoping it won't be that last minute and that we can make a nice craft activity together soi'm looking around for ideas. The Paas dye has already been purchased and we will undoubtly do some basic colors but I'd like to get a little adventurous. Here's one cool idea from pinterest. Chalkboard eggs. While the color isn't too Springy, there's plenty of opportunity to express oneself and re-express oneself. Anyone have a chalkboard eraser?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Into the Green

Goodbye white, hello green. Green - there are hints of it surfacing in the muddy brown landscape. The tips of the daffodils coming up, the moss that is mixed in with dead grass in the shady spots of the lawn, are the first touches. An explosion is on the way and I personally can't wait to for it to be wall to wall green outside.

Photo via Gardenista.