Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Believe

I re-watched "Finding Neverland" last weekend and really enjoyed it despite knowing the ending. Make believe has been a bit of a theme lately, with my daughter suggesting we switch roles. "I'll be the mommy and you be me." It was a sweet little game and enlightening too.

She was a kind mommy and found it very amusing when I mimicked her. "But I want to watch my shows, but I want to watch my shows..." repeat until you get your way. I hope she thinks I'm a kind mommy. We had a great time being each other before returning to our real roles for bedtime.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits of the Weekend

Still Life at Our House

Sometimes you have to zero in to appreciate one's own environment and forget that there is laundry piled on the chair and toys all over the floor.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Nature

One can almost imagine gnomes running around tending the moss and elves fluffing the beds at this amazing woodland retreat in southern Sweden. It's inspiring that it is actually the work of mere mortals. Hakan Strotz and Ulrika Krynitz are the creators and proprietors of Urnatur which means "ancient nature" in Swedish. Was that a woodland sprite running by?

You can see more photos at the Anthropologist and Design Bloom.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Recession Fun #13: Stickers

Ever since my daughter was old enough to play with them, I've been buying stickers. At about a $1.00 a pack they are affordable fun. Although when I think about it it, I've probably spent a fortune on them. My little one can go through a sheet in a few minutes. Mostly they make it into her little sketch book. Sometimes, however they end up in unexpected places.

Today I left her for a few seconds with the stickers and her sketch book, only to hear her calling for me excitedly. She took great delight in showing me her "flower face" creation and posing for this picture too.

Our Deer

Some members of our little herd of deer stopped by today, so I tossed them a couple of apples and a few ears of the Indian corn we bought for them. They are always a welcome sight. Well, in the summer we will fight over the tomato plants. Even then, I'm glad they share our backyard.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Affordable Luxuries # 9: Primroses

I found two primroses or "first roses" at the super market the other day. I know they are fragile and won't last long but they are such cheerful plants - like something a child would dream up.

They are also a harbinger of Spring which seems very far off right now, but really isn't. So while they signal the flowers will be back soon, I am also using them as a reminder to enjoy winter while it lasts.

The Little Things: There's a Dragon in My Nose

Here's a little "Best of the Year, So Far" tidbit. I'm convinced more and more it's the little things that make for true happiness and sustain us. Yesterday while finishing off some projects from last year, my little one crept into the room for some attention. I had left her downstairs with her grandmother and Toy Story 2, so I was a little surprised by the visit.

She so clearly wanted to be with me it was touching. Best of all she sneezed twice and then of course told me "I sneezed twice". She likes to keep me filled in. So, I asked "What's making you sneeze?". I was not really expecting an answer, but I got one and it was a doozy.

"I have a dragon in my nose." Really? Of course, I asked "What's he doing in there?". And the answer, cross my heart, was "He's after my boogies." Yikes! And the conversation continued "How are we going to get him out?" "We have to help him get out and fly home."

Later after dinner, I asked her. "Is the Dragon still in your nose?" "No. He went home." "Where does he live?" "Virginia." It was so priceless. That little exchange will keep me going this week.

Happy New Year!

I'm hoping 2011 unfolds as a wonderful year. It doesn't need to be blockbuster, over the top, out of this world...just good. Good will do. Good to my family, good to my friends.

I'm hoping most of all, that it is a gentler year. Too many people I know, and I'm sure many more I don't, got a bit roughed up and bruised by 2010. Hopefully 2011 will give us all a chance to catch our breaths, dust ourselves off, and move forward.

I'm looking forward to a year with fewer troubles for everyone and time to focus on the things we value, surrounded by those we love. And of course, I wish everyone a good dose of fun and laughter.

Welcome 2011! And Happy New Year!