Friday, January 7, 2011

Recession Fun #13: Stickers

Ever since my daughter was old enough to play with them, I've been buying stickers. At about a $1.00 a pack they are affordable fun. Although when I think about it it, I've probably spent a fortune on them. My little one can go through a sheet in a few minutes. Mostly they make it into her little sketch book. Sometimes, however they end up in unexpected places.

Today I left her for a few seconds with the stickers and her sketch book, only to hear her calling for me excitedly. She took great delight in showing me her "flower face" creation and posing for this picture too.


Belle said...

Great photo!
My youngest daughter, now 38, loved stickers. She had some little albums full of them. She used to put them on her face too.

jane said...

It's nice to hear that other mom's have had the same experiences. We have sketchbook pages full of them too. When she finishes a sketchbook I set aside as a little treasure for the future. I guess stickers are timeless.