Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alternate Realities # 2

I loved Kar Wai Wong's 2046. I watched it two years ago on my Mac (not ideal, but cozy) while sitting in the glow of fairy lights I had strung on the windows for Christmas. It was such a great escape I watched it twice. Even after two viewings I still don't think I completely took it all in. The cinematography is so gorgeous it's like watching a series of living paintings. I particularly liked the roof scenes which reminded me of those special times when one finds a spot that seems outside of time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bracing For and Hopefully Embracing Winter

I finally just finished racking and bagging the leaves and now the first snow has fallen. It was just flurries but winter has set in. I love the winter sky and the freshness of cold winter air after a snowfall but I miss the light and long days of summer. I'm bracing for the cold and hoping not to get down because of the short days. I'm definitely believe in Seasonal Affective Disorder and am determined not to get down. Here's a list of things I think might help keep lifew bright over the next few months:

  • Put up a Christmas tree (Mame was right, we need a little Christmas right this very moment!)
  • Get a great fake fur throw for snuggling up with a good book
  • Making an inspiration wall
  • Paint my toenails a vivid red or better yet splurge on a pedicure
  • Build a little snow girl for my daughter
  • Feed the deer apples and carrots and fill the bird feeder with seed
  • Find time to draw
  • Send notes to friends via the post
  • Catch up on missed movies (the list is huge)
  • Learn something completely new and outside my normal interests
  • Visit the library and check out a book on an exotic subject or place
  • Plan my garden for spring
  • Finish one of my knitting projects so I have a sense of accomplishment
  • Take on a tough corner of my home and make it happy
  • Take on my abs with the help of the Ab Lounger Pro (on my list to Santa) and win!
  • Put candles in the windows
  • Listen to a new musical genre
  • Keep the Christmas tree up as long as possible which shouldn't be a problem as this year's model was grown by General Electric! Sadly, there is no fir scent but also no skin rash requiring a visit to the dermatologist either.
  • Be unnaturally optimistic despite everything!

Recession Fun # 4: Cat Napping

As the mother of a one year old who is now walking, (Hurray! And which way did she go?), sleep has become one of the most rare commodities and a nap, one of life’s most enjoyable activities. Yes, it is an activity. Ask any cat! There’s an art to it – finding the time, the right spot and balancing between the world of wide-awake and dead to the world. Who hasn’t envied a cat snoozing in a sunspot on the floor or tucked into a deep fold in the blankets. Unless you completely subscribe to a “snooze you loose approach” to life, napping is fun, it’s free and fashionable. The stylish Bästis Krona kitty chaise from Ikea will give you another reason to envy your feline friends. Shouldn’t there be a larger version for the humans of the house?