Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Watching

Scotts has a really nice Bird Identifier tool on their site which provides photos and information about the behavior, feeding preferences and nesting habits of various species. Just enter your zip code and get a full listing of the species that are native to your region.

I have already seen several species from the list of birds local to our region at the backyard bird feeder. Unfortunately no information was available on the little guy I captured in the photo above. Chickadee? I think not. Although my little one identified it as a "Chickamunk". "Chickamunk at bird feed!" Turns out Chickamunk is a very greedy species with voracious feeding habits. I've got your number Chipmunk.

My Motto Moving Forward

This doesn't seem like a bad motto to live by especially during tough times. It's easy to forget that while you can't control what life throws at you, you can decide how to respond. So let's just say I'm choosing to be happy today despite the impending root canal. And I'm also going to try and not obsess about how if the tooth had gone haywire three months ago, it all would have been covered by the last of my dental insurance. Oh well smiley face on dead tooth and all!

Photo via Ideas Playground at flicker.