Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Motto Moving Forward

This doesn't seem like a bad motto to live by especially during tough times. It's easy to forget that while you can't control what life throws at you, you can decide how to respond. So let's just say I'm choosing to be happy today despite the impending root canal. And I'm also going to try and not obsess about how if the tooth had gone haywire three months ago, it all would have been covered by the last of my dental insurance. Oh well smiley face on dead tooth and all!

Photo via Ideas Playground at flicker.


Belle said...

What you said about our choice to respond is what Viktor Frankl said in his wonderful book, "The Meaning of Life." Even though he was in a concentration camp, he said they could not take away his right on how to respond to it.

jane said...

It's amazing and humbling how people like Viktor Frankl were able to survive the most depraved cruelty and overcome unbelievable hardship. It makes me feel silly when I let more manageable troubles undo me. I am making it one of my goals this year to remember it's up to me how I respond to life's problems big and small.