Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alternate Realities #1

I'd like to be alone with this work by Takashi Murakami for an hour or so. I think it would lift my spirits or at least make it difficult to feel grumpy about all of the little stuff. I could see myself drifting off to sleep counting the little flower faces. I wonder what one would dream about. Any a little visual escapism would suit me just fine now.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Affordable Luxuries # 2: Digging into a Good Book

I found myself getting in a serious reading phase again. It was kicked off by a considerable daily train commute that allowed me to get in a good number of chapters each day. I’m trying to keep it going now that my commute is on hold while I seek gainful employment. Now more than ever slipping into a fictitious world for a half hour or so seems like a real luxury. My fiction of choice right now is from Haruki Murakami. I always love his work. The quirky multi-leveled realities his characters inhabit are neither too saccharine nor too dire, but odd and complex and manage to feel similar to real life even at their most surreal. I just finished “After Dark” and have started “The Elephant Vanishes”. Even better, I swapped books with a fellow Murakami fan. Yeah for sharing and the ever affordable luxury of a good read!