Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Santa is so FAT

If you hang out at the Food Court at the mall enough you just might run into Santa! My little one discovered the Food Court this year and now any trip to the mall has to include a stop there. This certainly slowed me down in terms of getting the Christmas shopping done but was worth the scream of delight when she spotted Santa.

She literally shouted "Mommy look, look. Look at what I see." I turned around not knowing what to expect. Her excitement was followed by a very rational five year old declaring that Santa doesn't belong here. He is supposed to be sitting in the big chair taking photos. I smoothed things over by asking "How do you think Santa stays so fat." That did the trick and we had a good laugh.

What we don't have is a photo of her with jolly old St. Nick. She refused to go anywhere near the photo area declaring she was too shy. She actually refused to go down the escalator near his big chair. So I'll be putting this photo in the album where the cute photo with Santa should be. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back After an Unexpected Break

The end of year seemed incredibly busy with not much 'me time' which meant not much blogging time. Maybe all the long hours at work this past year also made me a bit introverted as well. One of the things I' m determined to correct in 2013. Hmm, there are actually several things that need fixing in all of that. Guess the resolutions are starting to form. Oh no!

Resolutions are so daunting. But I missed my blogging time and need to remember no matter how busy things get not to lose sight of what really matters to me.

So here are a few things to consider for the resolution list:

Keep blogging
Take time out for me and mine
Stay in touch and social