Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Very Berry Weekend

Our plans didn't go exactly as planned for the weekend, but it all turned out well or I could say berry well. The threat of rain was persistent but berries became the theme of the weekend. Saturday we stopped by a local church for their Strawberry Festival and ate home made strawberry shortcake and had a strawberry painted on the little one's face.
We spent a lazy Sunday in our garden. Sadly our own strawberry plants got chomped by critters and are now in sad shape but hopefully on the mend.

Monday, I was off from work and had planned for us to visit a small amusement park. It ended up being closed, so we had to scramble to find a new activity worthy of my Summer Flex Day. We ended up on a farm picking strawberries. It was an unexpected turn that proved really nice.

We had a great time filling our two tiny baskets and the hayride back from the fields was long and pretty. We finished our day with a visit to Stewart's for hot dogs and then our favorite ice cream stand. Good thing we have some healthy fruit to add to our diet this week.

The little one was completely tuckered out and was happy to go to bed early. She did manage to sneak in some Thomas Carnival Capers on the computer before falling asleep. No wonder she was talking in her sleep about finding Percy in the morning. Looking forward to finding a new adventure this weekend.

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