Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bourgeois Webs

I know spiders are beneficial and that having one in your home is supposed to be good luck, but I'm never really happy to run into one. Daddy Longlegs are about as spidery as I can tolerate. Anything more serious is subject to relocation outdoors or the broom if I'm panicked.

Clearly Louise Bourgeois did not share my distaste for arachnids. Spiders are a reoccurring theme in her work and her fascination for them transformed a house hold pest in to high art. Her spider web influenced fabric works are amazing enough to almost make me a fan of our eight legged friends. I'll admit spider webs are beautiful even if I still struggle to appreciate their architects. I have no difficulty appreciating Bourgeois beautiful series of webs pictured above.

More of Bourgeois' works can be seen at Cheim & Read

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Belle said...

I agree, the webs are pretty but the builders are ugly. The first photo is fantastic.