Friday, July 8, 2011

Apron Strings

I have a big clean up planned for this weekend which includes a dumpster. Watch out over-filled garage, you're days are numbered. I'll probably just throw on old yoga pants and a tee-shirt for the "big throw out" session.

When I spotted these aprons from smallbatchproduction on (frolic!) today, I thought how civilized it is to don an apron while doing chores. I wonder why apron wearing seems to be a lost practice now a days except maybe in the restaurant profession.

I know I have one somewhere. Maybe I'll find it in my overhaul of the garage and wear it for my other weekend project: pie baking.


Belle said...

My mom loves aprons and I used to wear one while cooking. I don't know why I stopped as they are very handy.

jane said...

I remember women wearing them when I was little. I agree they are really practical. Maybe women think they are too domestic these days. I'm going to start wearing one in the kitchen!