Monday, July 11, 2011

I Heart Summer: Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory

We have a small bouquet with Queen Anne's Lace on the bedroom dresser right now that looks so summery. I picked a few stalks from a neglected stretch of land between our developement and the new one next to ours.

We used to have tons Queen Anne's Lace in our "way back" yard but the cedars have become a forest and there isn't enough light anymore. This summer I'm seeing so much of it on the roadsides and along the railway tracks on my commute. It's mixed with chicory and the mix of white, blue and grass green is looks so beautiful. It's uplifting even on a Monday commuter train.

I wish I could find some chicory (which I usual think of as cornflower)to pick. I just found out that chicory is the correct name and that this is the plant the coffee substitute is made of. Turns out Queen Anne's Lace is sometimes called Wild Carrot and it's roots can be eaten like carrots. Maybe I'll study wildflowers this summer in addition to picking them.

There's a nice article on the blog My Muse and Me where I found the Queen Anne's Lace photo.

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Belle said...

Wildflowers are so pretty!