Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Peachy

This past Tuesday we snuck in some peach picking among our shopping chores. I was hoping for a hay ride, but since the long holiday weekend was already over for most people, the farm was deserted and we had to walk out to the field by ourselves.

We took a leisurely pace to accommodate small legs. We made our way on a tractor path past a little farm house . I picked some wildflowers and the little one chided me that we weren't supposed to be picking flowers but peaches.

Under the low leafy branches it was cooler and the sun peeking through made the peaches glow a wonderful warm color. It's still early in the peach season so we weren't bothered bees and yellow jackets as we picked. We gathered up just enough fruit to make a few pies and headed back with our basket like two country girls.

The peaches are now in a large bowl on the kitchen counter and should be ripe enough this weekend for part II of our peachy adventure. Hopefully peach pie photos to follow.

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