Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wallpaper: A Love Hate Relationship

I love the rich possibilities and patterns wallpaper offers and yet, as I prepare to sand the wallpaper glue residue off the walls of a room that I am taking back to a neutral paint color, I hate wallpaper. As always I'm split. I could image a wonderful sitting room papered in one of the deeper hues of the peacock feather inspired Grete pattern above by Villa Nova. I could also imagine finishing up only to find another pattern I loved even more. For those with the strength of conviction when it comes to wallpaper this pattern is available at wallpaperdirect.com.


ep said...

I could never commit to one pattern either. How about taking a small section of one of those cool designs and framing it on your beautiful neutral wall?

jane said...

I think thats the way I have to go. I also like when people wallpaper closets. They be come like seperate little rooms and it's a commitment one can live with.