Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Inspiration

Okay, so this is actually not an inspiration wall but Jane Schouten's version of a Christmas Tree. Still, it is objects on a wall and I find it very inspiring. I love how she has brought together all of these small disparate objects to create a wonderfully original Christmas Tree.

I'm inspired to create a wall of my own dedicated to all the miscellaneous, oddball and beautiful little treasures I have tucked into drawers. Sadly, it may have to wait a few years as I have a mischievous toddler whose become quiet the the thief of late.


ep said...

You're too fast for me. I meant to comment on the inspiration wall idea and now you put this up! What a great idea to utilize some of those treasures that we have tucked away. I'll have to think about this. The bottom picture reminds me of one of my favorite Calder's.

jane said...

Oh wow! I love the Calder piece. I've never seen that one. It's really delightful. That's what I love about his work the element of delight. Thanks for sending the link.