Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Own Little Hint of Spring

I was getting a little jealous of all the pictures people were posting on Facebook of daffodils and crocuses blooming in their yards and neighborhoods. I was also beginning to think what's up? What's wrong with my bulbs? Did the squirrels or deer eat them? Then yesterday, we went outside and voila our garden has begun to bloom. I was so happy to see a few crocuses had come up. Then I spotted the tulips that had been hidden under the snow. They have a ways to go, but they are back! My happiness was followed by the realization that my gardening chores have returned. Suddenly a list was running through my head:

Rest of the leaves cleared out of the beds.
Re do the edging on the beds.
Little metal fences that deter the deer, well sort of, back in place.
Add more mulch before the weeds start.
Buy Deer Away and spray away.

The list goes on but I won't torture everyone with it. Argh, I really don't need more on my To Do List. The funny thing about gardening chores is that they bother me less than say doing the laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Maybe because an empty dishwasher or a stack of folded clothing has nothing on the beauty of a flower. I'll be outside if you're looking.


Anonymous said...
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ep said...

Plus, gardening you get to reap the rewards of your efforts with the lovely plants. Laundry, as much as i love the clean clothes, towels, etc. is too much of a deja vu experience for me to enjoy.