Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

The rain just won't stop! The yard is a lake, river, soggy sponge combo and the mud is going to last for days. We are inside for the duration. All this and it's not even April yet. Somebody should call ahead and cancel the spring showers. We don't need any more water, thank you!

So other than filling the reservoirs and over flowing the rivers what are rainy days good for? Hmm, I'd rather be out in the sun, but here's a list of things that make rainy days okay:

1. You can put things off because of the inclement weather. "It was just too damp to paint the trim." That's a very sound excuse. " I meant to go shopping but it was pouring." Understandable. Or how about "I was going to call you but it was raining" That's novel.

2. Rain makes for good naps.

3. Bad walking weather but excellent reading weather. "We are having excellent reading weather today."

4. Doesn't seem like a waste of time to re-watch old TV episodes. Lost Season 1 here I come.

5. Good excuse to indulge in comfort food. "I caught a chill and required a large bowl of pasta to warm myself."

6. No Yard work required. See above description of yard.

7. Perfect day to clean up your desk. And nice to know you don't have to do anything at your clean desk. Remember going back to #1, this is perfect weather for putting things off. Not to mention, who wants to ruin a perfectly organized desktop with a lot of messy paperwork.

8. Perfect time to doodle, laze, ponder, ruminate, and dream. Which brings us back to naps. Which is where I think I'm headed. That or I'll admire my tidy desk.

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ep said...

Sounds like a plan! I like all of your alternative-weather choices. Plus, napping and sleeping to the sound of falling rain is an all-time fave.