Monday, March 15, 2010

Water Logged

We have had just about as much rain as we can stand this past weekend. Everything is water logged including our spirits. I even felt sorry for the poor bedraggled ground hog who was walking around sopping wet. He was obviously looking for someplace to shelter while his den dried out. Suddenly I find the idea of living in a desert very appealing. The ground hog would probably agree. I'm looking forward to the sun tomorrow and hoping things will start to dry out.

1. Peter's Brook Greenway becomes Peter's River.
2. Duke Island Park becomes part of the Raritan River.
3. The Raritan River overflows into the Raritan Canal and takes over the fields of the Duke Estate in the distance.


ep said...

Wow - and i was worried about Rock Creek Park being a bit on the rise. Sometimes living on the 4th floor has its advantages.

jane said...

Yes history tells us there is an advantage to holding the higher ground. Unfortunately much of NJ seems to be a river bed just waiting for a good storm. I was missing my 6th floor apartment even though the roof was a bit leaky come to think of it.