Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring, Spring Green and the 64 Pack

Spring is sprung. Well it's starting to feel that way, even if the official first day is still 15 days away. The daffodils are starting to come up and the buds are visible on the trees, so before we know it the world will be green again. Not the full green of summer but the acid yellow green of spring. Part of what is so wonderful about spring, is the return of vivid colors. Thinking about how to describe the color of spring lead me in a completely unexpected direction, suddenly I was thinking about my Crayola 64 Pack.

Spring Green was one of my favorite Crayola colors along with Sky Blue and Periwinkle. I loved Periwinkle because of the way the name sounded and its grey blue color. But the Sky Blue and Spring Green crayons were my absolute favorites, so bright and cheerful. Sadly, they were also always the first to need the built-in sharpener. The sharpener was a good idea but it never quite worked the way I wanted it to. I always wished it could put a perfect new top on my crayons. I think I would have used my 64 crayons more freely if part of me didn’t want to keep them in mint condition.

The images above are from Google image searches using the color names Sky Blue, Spring Green and Periwinkle Blue. Clearly Google and Crayola are on different pages when it comes to Periwinkle Blue. That's not my Periwinkle Blue. Do you remember what your favorite Crayola colors were? Here's a cool chart to jog your memory, unless maybe like me, you still have a 64 Different Brilliant Colors safely tucked away.

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