Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reading Room #2: A New Years Resolution

This beautiful nook tucked away in the Paris skyline would be a perfect setting for reading Le Figaro or one of the many other French newspapers. Guess which one would depend on your political bent.

I personally have a lot of reading ahead of me this year if New Years resolutions are to be kept. My resolution plans are a bit too complicated (in a good way) to be explained fully here. Let's just say, they were going to include 12 groups of 12, but I'm making it a bakers dozen in honor of Lucky 13. So there are 13 groups of 13. I'll share more on this during the year.

I will say that one of the 13 groups is comprised of books. It is my goal to finish a book per month plus one, to equal 13 by years end. Shouldn't be too hard right? Better find my own personal reading nook.

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