Friday, January 11, 2013

I Want ... a Teepee

A teepee...probably not the most practical possession I have ever coveted. Seriously, unless you're a Plains Indian you can't really say you need a teepee but I have always loved them. We had a wooden one in my kindergarten class and there was always a wait to get in. I used to draw them as a kid and I still have a little red plastic one from one of our childhood figurine play sets sitting on my desk.

Cowboys and Indians were a big thing when I was a kid. It was before the politically correct term Native Americans took over. We used to find "Indian rocks" at the beach which you could wet and apply as war paint. Then we would run around making whooping cries. I always preferred being an Indian to a cowboy, even if it meant getting captured and tied to a tree. Yes, definitely more fun to be an Indian.

What do cowboys sleep in? Certainly nothing as cool as a teepee. Some day I'm going to indulge my inner Indian and have one of my own.

Top photo - Child's tee pee available from House in Habitat
Second photo - Kate Moss wedding
Third photo - The real deal from Oh, Pioneer
Fourth Photo - Lady Mary Charteris wedding

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