Monday, January 14, 2013

Embracing Princesses

My little one has fallen into the Princess phase in a big way. Yesterday she told me she dreamt that she danced with a prince and that she was a princess. She was so amazed and thrilled by her dream. She said "I made Cinderella's dream!" Poor Thomas, I think your little tank engine may have met it's match. I wonder how many more times I'll here, I dreamt about Thomas?

I guess I better start embracing everything Princess because I think I'm going to be living with all the trappings for awhile to come. I have watched Cinderella a gazillion times lately and try to keep the groans to a minimum when she asks for it.

I have to say it beats Sleeping Beauty which I think is just terrifying. Not to mention I kept calling Sleeping Beauty (aka Briar Rose/Aurora) Cinderella through most of the movie when we first watched it together. I finally realized I was mixing up movies when I saw the witch had horns. I was thinking where is the mirror and poison apple. I was combining Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White. Argh! I have finally gotten my Disney Princesses straight.

And while I'm not a huge fan of the whole Princess thing, I ran out Christmas Eve to buy her one more gift because I felt there was nothing that had wow factor under the tree. (Too many Sight Word Flash Cards and socks!)

I brought home a huge box with 3 princess outfits in it. It was the right move. She loved it and continues to love it. Now she puts the outfits on and calls out to me "Guess who's here?" When I come to look and say Cinderella, Arial or Bell depending on the costume. She laughs, lifts the dress to show me her underwear and says  "No it's me, look underwear!" When I asked what does underwear have to do with it? She enlightened me "Princesses don't wear underwear!"

Who knew? Those saucy little Disney princesses.

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