Thursday, January 3, 2013

Less is More?

Is it? Well I'm going to try and answer that for myself this year. I know I'll never be a minimalist. I think I sort of tried that once and failed. I love the idea and also looking at minimalist spaces, but honestly it's not my natural aesthetic. On the other hand, I dislike clutter and it haunts me when it starts forming around me.

So while I won't be living in an empty white space anytime soon, I'm committed to losing the clutter this year.  Step one enjoy and use what I already have. Step two lots of bags for the salvation army. My goal is to get rid of 365 things I don't need or use anymore this year. Step three and probably the hardest, stop adding new stuff to the mix. That means no unnecessary shopping. Think before you buy and realize you can enjoy things without having to own them.

Three steps that should be pretty easy. We'll see. I'll be commenting on my progress on the big 365 throughout the year.

Does anyone else have plans to lighten up in 2013?

The photo was saved from tumbler over a year ago I think from Brown Dress with White Polka Dots.

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