Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for the Little Stuff #1: The Hess Truck

A day set aside for thanks is a great idea but remembering to be thankful once annually is skimping on the gratitude. So I'm going to try and remember to be thankful more often and record some of my gratitude here especially for the little things.

I just want to make it very clear first that I am thankful for the big things, like my daughter (who is actually little), my family, a roof over my head, my health which I like to think is well, healthy. And so on.

But my focus here is the small things in life that can either make or break a day. Here's to the little things that get us through.

So my first little thing I'm thankful for is the "Hess Truck and Jeff". Yes, you may have seen it advertised on TV lately. It is that time of year, so yesterday we drove to our local Hess station to get this year's Hess Truck for my nephew and daughter.

I managed to purchases the vehicles and get them in the trunk of the car without my daughter noticing. She did however spot the multiple signs that were plastered all over the station and stated "I want a truck and Jeff toy."

Ah priceless! Well she just kept at it while we had a full tank of gas pumped. We said maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas. To which she replied"But what about me?"and pushed out her lower lip. I must have heard "I want a truck and Jeff" twenty more times. I'm not a big fan of the I'll repeat myself until I get what I want tactic, but every time she mispronounced "jet" and said "Jeef" I couldn't help smiling.

The "truck and Jeff" are still in the trunk waiting to be wrapped and she will have to wait until Christmas Day. Come December 25th I fully expect to hear a joyous "I got a truck and Jeff, a truck and Jeff, a truck and Jeff toy!"

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