Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slowness: A Spot of Tea

Can you imagine taking tea in the afternoon? Actually sitting down with a nice pot of perfectly brewed tea nestled under a knitted tea cozy with a plate biscuits or tea sandwiches nearby. Such niceties are almost laughable in our society. But why? It is certainly seems more productive to grab something out of a vending machine and scarf it down with a soda right out of the can. Our need to be productive seems to have overridden any need to be civil or sociable.

Last week when I came home, I was informed that my daughter had thrown a tea party with her new stuffed puppy who she has pragmatically named "Dog". She and Dog played host to their guests, including a plastic dragon capable of spitting water (a fact I have hidden from her) and miscellaneous other characters both plastic and stuffed.

I'm glad someone in the family has time to sit down and share a spot of tea with friends, even if the tea imaginary. I can only imagine the topics discussed.

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Belle said...

I remember when I was in my twenties (1970s) and most women didn't work outside the home, we would meet for coffee or tea, some cookies and our kids would play with each other. It was very nice.