Friday, November 5, 2010

Affordable Luxuries # 7: A Warm Plaid Flannel Shirt

There's something so cozy about a plaid flannel shirt. It may not be the most glamorous item in a girl's closet, but pair it with an equally comfortable tee shirt and favorite pair of jeans and who's missing the dress-up clothes? Actually there's a lot of stylish options this year.

Flannel shirts make me want to take a walk in crisp weather followed by a nice long lounge in a comfortable chair. Add a good read and heaven! I just bought myself an inexpensive one. I was tempted by some of the fancier tailored styles available with ruffles but opted for a classic version slightly oversized and very comfy.

Lumber jack style flannel shirts with grey patches by Untold.


Belle said...

I love flannel jackets. When I was in college I used to buy used ones, shorten them and take them in at the waist.

jane said...

Wow, I love that you customized your bargain finds.