Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bat Houses

When we were kids in middle school we liked to sit under the street light at night and just hang out. It seemed cool and the bat that flew above our heads, to catch moths drawn by the light, made it seem even cooler.
I say bat because, I always thought of it as one solitary creature rather than a slew of bats taking turns. The street light is long gone and now it's not so easy to spot our flying mammal friend(s) but I'm hoping some are still around. While I as a tween I appreciated our local bat(s), I did not realize what an important member(s) of our community he (they) were.
Eventually, I would like to put a bat house in our yard to let them know they are welcome. While the photos of bat house attached to the sides of buildings (pictured above) are cool, I think I might want to chose a free standing version and put a little more space between us.

Here are some links to interesting articles:

Build a Bat House

Top photo: Bat House Project form This Old House.
Bottom photo: Buy a bat house prefab from Gardener's Supply Company.

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