Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Weather

What a difference a few days and a little sunshine can make. Easter Sunday was amazing this year. Suddenly, after what felt like an extra long winter and way too much rain, the weather decided to behave. The timing was perfect and spring really felt like spring. The daffodils joined the forsythia already in bloom, the air was warm and fragrant and there was a real sense of renewal. We took a ride after our Easter egg hunt and I felt as if we were in a story book version of spring, complete with a babbling brook.


ep said...

I love forsythia! It's supposed to reach 90 here today - spring, come back!

jane said...

I love forsythia too even though I know some people knock it for being so common and often unkempt. And I totally agree about the weather, let's hold off on the heat wave for a couple weeks. I would really love to have some warm gentle weather to ease us into the 90 degree days.