Monday, April 19, 2010

A Sunday Drive

I love a good Sunday drive especially if it takes us to favorite places and down unexpected back roads. Yesterday we finished our chores, including buying this years tomato plants, and then escaped from the over-crowed parking lots and aggressive drivers to less traveled paths.

We drove to Melick's Town Farm and visited Joanie (the pig formerly known as Girlie) and her friend Peach the goat (or ghost as pronounced by my two and half year old) and their two chicken friends. "Here ghost, here ghost." Priceless. We bought a bag of "doughnees", that's doughnuts to the rest of you and continued on to Hearts-Ease Greenhouse and Nursery.

Hearts-Ease, a wonderful little nursery that specializes in orchids, is another of our favorite spots. This little gem is always worth a visit even if, like myself, you don't have a green thumb when it comes to members of the orchid family. There are plenty of annuals and perennials including a great selection of alpine plants. Best of all the small greenhouses are beautiful, peaceful and the proprietress Hildegard Howell is a lovely woman. Hearts-Ease is a true labor of love.

We left with a few alpine plants in tow and wandered down a bunch of back roads before ending our day at Polar Cub an old fashioned ice cream stand that brings to mind an older era and a resolve to eat only salads the next day. A perfect Sunday.


ep said...

perfect indeed! That is one cute kid and pretty splendifereous rooster!

jane said...

Thanks I think the kid is pretty cute too but I am biased. And yes it is a very fancy rooster. I'm sure it would love to know someone referred to it as splendifereous.