Friday, April 30, 2010

About Face China

When I first saw the About Face china set from Shelf, I thought how calming it would be to have these serene faced pieces around. It turns out their calming quality was inspired by the "Sweet Dreams" mug created in 1949 by A H Woodful for Cadbury to promote their night time beverage Bourn-vita.

The original mug, which was first produced in ceramic and then bakelite, is now a sought after collectible. The bottom two images show an original ceramic mug including the night cap cover that doubles as a coaster (available from Wooden Donkey) and a promotional poster for Bourn-vita. You can read more about more about the history of the Sweet Dreams mug here.


alice said...

Neat! I would love to have my tea before bedtime in one of those!

Punctuation Mark said...

very cute pieces!

jane said...

Glad you guys enjoyed them and I agree tea or hot chocolate before bed time would be extra great in one of these.