Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Your Fortune Cookie?

Today as I was continuing to clear clutter, I found a fortune cookie from a semi-recent Chinese take out and decided to open it before tossing it out. I knew of course if the fortune was good, I would have to eat it. Thank goodness for the plastic wrapper which kept it relatively crisp. So what was the fortune that forced me to eat the somewhat elderly fortune cookie? "Action is worry's worst enemy". That may not seem as wonderful as getting "You will come into a large sum of money" but it was the right message for me today. So I set aside my worry and just did as much as I could.

If you'd rather create your own fortune then take your chances with your local Chinese restaurant, visit The Brassy Apple and follow the clever tutorial for the fabric fortune cookie pictured above.


ep said...

That's a great fortune! And a good reminder. I'm in a temporary holding pattern for something at the moment, and I know that once I can move forward my worries will recede.

jane said...

The worrying is definitely worse than the doing although the procrastinator in me likes to forget that. Good luck getting out of the holding pattern. I know that feeling of circling and circling.