Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alternate Realities #4: LOST

Well, I'm not going to be watching the premiere of the new season with everyone else tonight. I still have three episodes of Season 5 to finish on DVD and I'm not going to rush them. Last year I rushed through the end of Season 4, so I could finally catch up and watch the show on TV. That lasted all of a week. I have come to accept that when it comes to LOST, I like the show am on my own special time schedule.

It seems I am destined to watch the show on my computer at odd hours and I kind of like that. I don't mind the small screen viewing. It's intimate and allows me to avoid commercials and rewind when I want. What I do mind is that the show is coming to an end. I'm glad on one hand that they are not letting the show die a grueling death like ER, but I will miss this crazy and beautiful alternate reality with it's difficult characters, moral dilemmas, and slippery sense of time.


ep said...

take your time and enjoy - in a week or so we'll swap theories!

jane said...

Ever time I come up with a theory something new happens. One thing I am entertaining right now is that Ben and John Locke both have the same father. Ben being the old testament son and John Locke the new testament boy ready to take over the island and usher in a new era. There's so many ways you take the show but it is just dripping with religious references.

How about Horace? Is that a reference to the Egyptian Horus? That opens up a whole new set of references.