Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Treats: Key to My Heart, Key to My Room

Roses and chocolates are nice, but I'd rather a gift that lasts longer and doesn't make me think I should really be hitting the gym.

ArtMind's porcelain Key to My Heart is a beautiful way to give someone yours. Or conjure up some romance with one of the English Muse's evening bags filled with treasures from Paris including a vintage hotel key.


ep said...

I'm torn. I love the pieces you chose - they are exquisite. I would be especially thrilled to receive the purse or something similar. I do like the idea of the more ephemeral gifts as well, maybe because I'm in a purge mode. Roses or other flowers would be less gym-gulit-inducing than chocolates, that's for sure!

jane said...

The purse would be perfect for you! I could totally see you with it. But I am in the same place you are in terms of paring down. In fact I have two more bags ready for the Salvation Army and plan to get a few more together before I drop them off.

It's nice to window shop though. Maybe when I get the house to where I want it there will be room to consider new belongings. Out with the old and in with the new. Although most of the new these days is for the little one.

Lent is coming up and I always give up non-essential shopping for the duration. It's a little frustrating especially because of all the great sales that always take place at the end of winter. In the end though i am always very pleased with myself for not having bought anything.