Thursday, October 27, 2011

To Fright or Not to Fright

Do you like scary movies? Personally I'm not a horror movie kind of girl. I can probably count the number of scary movies I have willingly sat through on one hand.

I remember watching Bela Lugosi walk slowly towards his prey in Dracula (1931). I was at a friend's house and while our parents chatted away in another room, the Transylvanian import was wrecking havoc in England. This was a movie that would not likely have aired in our den at home. I remember that the female victims were light deer in headlights, mesmerized by his terrifying gaze. I, too was frozen in fear and thankful when my mom walked in and said it's time to go home.

Unfortunately, my new fear of vampires didn't stay behind, but came home in the car with us and settled in for good. Now, I worried that sounds at my window might be a vampire bat trying to get in and opened closets with the notion a terrifying figure in a black cape might emerge. I had no interest in joining or even rubbing elbows with the undead.

So now all these years later I still avoid scary at all costs. My list of "Scary Movies I Have Endured" is like a badge of honor, a list built on personal acts of courage and great determination on my part. So here it is the list of scary movies I've watched (at least the one's I have not completely blocked from my memory.) Laugh away you terror fanatics. You are braver souls than I.

Rosemary's Baby
The Birds
The Omen
The Shining
The Others
Sleepy Hollow
What Lies Beneath
The Sixth Sense

I know, I know, where are the really scary slasher films? Hmm, not on my list.

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