Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Wintery Halloween

The drastic weather from this past weekend had me scrambling to find a warmer Halloween costume for my daughter. Her butterfly costume was set aside and instead she made the rounds as a "baby witch" in a very over sized hat. I in a coordinating costume, went as the "mommy witch".

The funny thing was she didn't want to be in matching costumes. I had my witch gear left over from last year, so I thought she'd be pleased (and warmer) with her own witch costume. Well she was, but she stated very strongly that everyone should have their own costume and I should go as a duck.

Well I love her madly but that's where I draw the line. Even if I could have found a duck outfit, there was no way, I was going around the neighborhood as a giant water fowl. Hmm, was that witchy of me? Or her? I mean a duck, really? I wish I knew where she gets her ideas. They are so wonderfully kooky.

Image: ANDY WARHOL Witch, from Myths


Belle said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't dress up like a duck either! It was warm here for Halloween, we were really lucky.

jane said...

Glad you agree about the duck outfit and that you had nice weather for Halloween.