Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is Going to Hurt Me More Than You

My little one is in the dental chair today getting her baby teeth filled or as they say at her kid friendly dentist "getting rid of the cavity creeps". Yesterday was one of the those parental lows. I felt awful when the cavity count came in, a parental failure.

She has a beautiful smile and brushes her teeth regularly which was not enough to overcome the fact she still drinks milk at bedtime. The cavity creeps took advantage this nighttime snack - big time.

Now I'm in a waiting room while my little one faces the world of dentistry. I'll face the bill later. Luckily, we have dental insurance and the balance, I'll view as my penance for those night time warm bottles and any skipped brushings.

Now, I'm just sitting here worrying if she's okay. Parents have to wait outside because they cause more anxiety than comfort. Yesterday she had so much fun during her check up and was thrilled to go back this morning. I'm hoping she doesn't walk out and look at me with a "what did you do to me" face.

Her tooth brush is in my hand bag and from now on I'll be sticking it in her mouth every chance I get.


Belle said...

Oh, I hope she didn't get upset. My youngest girl had tons of cavities. Sometimes it is just genetic. At least, that is what I tell myself. :)

jane said...

Thanks Belle. She was very brave. Luckily her dentist is very nice and all about kids. I agree it could just be genetic but we brushing like crazy now!