Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strange Fall Sightings

This morning while waiting for my train the sky was all shades of red toward the east and it made me think of a saying my father taught me - "Red sky at night sailor's delight, red sky in morning sailor take warning."

I was pondering what bad weather might be lurking ahead, when I suddenly turned around to spy a giant rainbow in the sky behind me. I was pleasantly startled. It was not raining and seemed to have no real reason to be there. I imagine the morning air was full of moisture, but preferred to see it in a less scientific light and decided it was hanging there as a good omen.

Yesterday, I was walking around downtown and came upon a tree that was half in bloom with what looked like white apple or cherry blossoms. It stopped me in my tracks and I took a photo just to convince myself I wasn't making it up. There was a honey bee happily gathering nectar, who I imagine, did not care that it's October and was just delighted to enjoy his flowery treat.
Now, I wondering if strange sightings come in threes. I'm excited to see what else October has to offer.


Belle said...

The rainbow is very surprising to see in that red sky! I love the photo of it.

jane said...

Thanks! I almost missed my train trying to capture it. But the conductor was nice and asked if I got the shot as I boarded the train.