Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rock and Roll Wedding

If Kate Middleton's wedding was the height of elegance, stately and fittingly royal, then Kate Moss's nuptials were the height of rock and roll chic. Parts glamorous, edgy and a little rough around the edges.

I'm not a huge fan of wedding photos but when I saw a pic of Kate Moss and her leading man to be Jamie Hinch in the rehearsal dinner attire, I was drawn to how cool they looked. Also how in love they appeared. I loved her hippie style dress and rocking blue boots. Hinch's form fitting suit and equally rocker boots weren't bad either.

The photo definitely piqued my curiosity about what her wedding dress would look like. Gorgeously vintage was the answer. I would describe the look as part twenties film star part glittery mermaid. My favorite bit was the veil, old fashioned and romantic.

It certainly all cost a fortune, but the whole look of the wedding party benefits from the feeling that they just threw on some fancy dress up clothes they found in a trunk. Kate's undone hairdo added to the who cares we know we are beautiful vibe. Hurrah too, for the appropriately sweet bridal party dresses and the beautiful backdrop of Cotswolds.


De tout, de rien said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Much, much more stylish than Kate Middleton's old lace doily. (Sorry, really didn't like her dress, her hair and that wimpy bunch of twigs she called a bouquet.)

jane said...

Agreed. I'd choose Kate Moss's over Miss Middleton's wedding any day. I did like the trees in the church though.

Belle said...

I love her wedding dress and the veil is the prettiest I've seen.

jane said...

The veil is so gorgeous and sweet. Hopefully it starts a trend.