Saturday, August 13, 2011

Affordable Luxuries #12: Glass Juice Squeezers

We have an old classic glass juice squeezer that has been in the kitchen cabinet forever. Definitely nothing fancy or overly designed, but it does the job.

Wednesday night we made fresh OJ because the little one spotted it on the counter. It was after work, late and I was exhausted but couldn't bear to say no. She was saying she wanted orange juice, but I suspected she more interested in the process than the outcome. She just wanted to squeeze the oranges and I was going to end up having to drinking the juice.

But she surprised me again. She declared "I like orange juice." Real orange juice is not something she drinks, the closest thing being Juicy Juice orange or orange soda. I blame the orange soda habit on her uncle. She developed a taste for it when he visited us from Virginia and did the shopping. Anyway, she ended up downing two glasses of fresh squeezed juice. I was delighted.

Our juice squeezing activity reminded how much she is growing up. She wanted to do it all by herself. I ended up having to help of course. It was too difficult for little hands. But break a mother's heart, her little hands are not so little anymore. As I watched her, I saw the growing coordination and determination in her now little girl hands.

I was also reminded how tasty real orange juice is. A classic juice squeezer is an affordable luxury, so is forgetting you are tired, giving in and making your little one happy.

Jade glass juice squeezer available at Cypress Home Decor which has a pretty cool selection of Depression style glassware.

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