Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's Join The Circus

My daughter was tight rope walking the other night along the metal support of her canopy bed. She would hold on to the dresser and steady her self before edging towards me and using my shoulder for support before shimming to the bed post at the end of the bed. She would grab it with great relief , a satisfied sigh and a look of pride each time she made it across. She was really enjoying her death defying feats.

I'm very tempted to indulge her inner circus performer with one of these Cirkustalt tents from Ikea. How much fun to have a circus tent of one's own? Ever want to join the circus?

Cirkustalt tent available at Ikea.
Sells Floto Circus Poster various available on eBay.


Belle said...

I would have joined anything to get away from home when I was a teenager!

jane said...

Ha!Yes the teen years are all about planning one's escape route. So funny that then you get out in the world for awhile and the idea of going home becomes appealing.