Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Commuter Fun

There's not a lot that is fun about my commute. I take two trains and a subway each way. The best I can say is that I can use the time to read , or crochet or write. The stations I transfer at are not particularly pleasant space. Crowded, dirty, with cheesy businesses and stresses out fellow commuters.

So what's not to love about this "transfer accelerator" at a subway station in the city of Utrecht? How much fun would it be, to avoid running down the stairs at a life risking pace, and slide like a kid to your subway? Not only is the slide an effective accelerator, it's a clever reminder that life should be fun. A perhaps deliberately subversive reminder to commuters in the midst of the adult rat race to remember the child within.

Hats off to HIK Ontwerpers the firm who designed the slide.


cobyhead said...

That slide is amazing! You are so right! Life should be fun! :)

jane said...

Yes! We need more fun especially when it comes to the day to day stuff.