Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going on an Egg Hunt

We managed to squeeze two Easter egg hunts into a weekend that was 50% rain and I mean rain. The sun came out, we grabbed an Easter basket, braved the mud and were off to the hunt. My little one needed some egging on (sorry couldn't help myself) in terms of going for the eggs. She was too busy taking it all in to be super competitive.

We did manage to walk away with a nice jar of jelly beans thanks to some auspicious guess work. We said 333 jell beans and were off by just 5 - we left with 328 in hand. We got a big kick out of hearing our name and running over to the judging table to pick up our prize. At the second egg hunt, which was at a wild life sanctuary (pictured), someone recognized us as the winners of the jelly bean contest. A little bit of local celebrity.

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