Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fairy Houses

Last weekend a stop at the playground escalated into a bigger adventure than expected. My little one made friends with a sweet girl named Summer and her younger brother and we ended up being enlisted to build a fairy house. Fairies are suddenly on our radar since the purchase and frequent viewing of "Tinkerbelle"

The house turned out to be a free-form open structure, more of an out door patio which was composed of lots of sticks, rocks, and dried leaves. For decoration, the children's' grandmother and I helped to collect dried flowers and weeds for a bouquet. My little one one was delighted and tireless as she ran around after the much bigger kids hauling the building materials.

It's amazing how fun looking for a special rock or piece of grass can be. And as an adult, to recapture a sense of wonder and pure imagination which allow handfuls of grass to become fairy food.

This weekend we will be searching out Easter Eggs but will keep an eye out for fairies too.

Images of The Cottingley Fairies, 1917 by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths

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