Sunday, August 15, 2010

From The Desk Of

I really enjoy looking at photos of other peoples work spaces whether studios, home offices, workrooms or desks. Maybe desks are my favorite. A desk is like a miniature world or landscape that hints at it's owners personality and interests. The would be detective in me loves to examine how these parcels of personal real estate are divided and what finds it's way on to their surfaces and into their surrounding environs.

The desk pictured belongs to Nikole Herriott of the blog Forty-Sixth at Grace and the online shop Herriott Grace which sells lovely handcrafted wooden pieces. If you visit either site you'll see that aesthetic revealed in this photo of her desk carries over. I particularly like the how the branch is asymetrically displayed, almost as a piece of art, and adds a sense of nature. I also like how she created extra space by building a display shelf on top of over-turned clay pots from China. You can see more of Nikole's apartment over at Design Sponge.

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