Monday, March 30, 2009

Time for a Clean Sweep

I had wanted to get a jump start on my Spring cleaning this year but somehow Spring snuck up on me. I planned on having cleared the decks of clutter before winter ended. Now the forsythia is threatening to bloom and I'm just getting started. Oh well the best laid plans...

The good news, now that I have begun, I am proceeding with a vengeance! I think I am trying to deal with all my anxieties by organizing various corners and drawers. "Less is more" is my mantra as I try and let go of the stuff that has become just clutter. I have moments when I think it would be easier to attack the problem with a good broom. It may come to that, and if it does, I want a broom as cool as the one pictured above from Pioneer Broom Shoppe.

So here's a list of what's in the garbage or on it's way to Sal's (Salvation Army) so far:
  • Three lipsticks in impossible to wear colors
  • A dried out nail polish
  • A cheesy hair straightening product
  • A pair of running pants I always trip on (and I'm just walking)
  • A pair of American Apparel sweats that are cute but always feel like they are falling off (not a comforting sensation)
  • A book from an old boyfriend that I always suspected was a recycled gift, at best it was a thoughtless gift befitting his self-centered nature
  • Christmas cards that were never used
  • Christmas tree shaped peeps that were beyond the good kind of stale
  • A lone juice glass
  • A mauve colored lamp that looks like it was stolen from a hotel
  • A jar of jalapeno jelly ???
I just have to keep going and know how good it's going to feel living in the clear.


ep said...

You're inspiring me. Get rid of those clothes that just don't fit right. And see if maybe the little one will let me donate the McDonald's toys that just lie around on the floor that I trip over!

jane said...

McDonald's toys are hard! Before I had my own little one I gave away my collection of happy meal toys to my friend's son and my nieces and nephews. It was hard parting with them but my friend's son told me he loved me that day! I may have kept some. I think I still have some awesome Flintstones houses packed away.

ep said...