Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My New Wierd Obsession: Willow Hurdles

Maybe I've just watched too many episodes of Midsomer Murders and have become enamored of the English garden aesthetic through osmosis. That would explain my love of willow hurdles and why when I think of how my garden is going to look, I can't get the image of them out of my mind.

Realistically, I think my still to be dug garden is going to be have to be much more modest at first. I have yet to find a source of hurdles on the east coast and have limited funds to work with. This year's garden will likely have more in common with the Victory Gardens of WWII than an English garden but I can still dream. Either way I'm looking forward to getting some dirt on my hands.

The lovely willow hurdles pictured above are by WonderWood.


ep said...

That middle picture looks pretty doable. Of course this is coming from an apartment dweller who hasn't planted a garden in a very very long time.

jane said...

That's what I was thinking. And the most affordable option too. But I would love a willow wall!